The Wallet
Flash Opera for 3 singers and ensemble

Tea Before You Go
Video Opera

speaker and 12 percussionists

soloists and ensemble

Brother Brother
soloists, chorus and ensemble

The Collector
speaker and ensemble

The Swan Catchers
soloists and string quartet


Gospel: Manuel
Duet for Soprano and Baritone

We Are Here for You
SATB Chorus

Navajo Manner
7 Songs for Baritone and Piano

Stay in the Sun as You Are
4 Songs for Soprano and Piano

Flesh Mr. Martin
Song for Tenor and Jazz Trio

The Mysteries of Nothing
SSA Chorus and piano

The Light Come Down
SSA Chorus and 4 vibraphonists

Three Pieces from Brother Brother
There’s Always Mom
The Silent Puzzle
All Is Set
SATB Chorus and mixed ensemble


A Great Many
6 percussionists and clarinet

Somewhere Here in This World
30 percussionists

The Man Who Dreams in Rubato
four timpanists and pipe organ

Mobile Phone App for public performers

Science is Only a Sometimes Friend
8 glockenspiels and organ

Preparing the Past
four-hand piano, 2 vibraphones and 2 glockenspiels

Our Reluctance is Overstated
6 timpanists

Book of Notions
vibraphone and piano

Under Such Cover
vibraphone, cello and piano

cello and piano

Chalk Line
piano, basson, violin, viola and cello

Work in Manufacturing
15 percussionists

Every Morning, A History
vibraphone, flute, clarinet and viola

string quartet

15 Minutes
open instrumentation and computer



Your People
stories and synth

The Sound Was
social audio experiment

I Had a Guest
digital audio

Ode to the Obsolete
synthesizer experiments

Put Your Hands Together
2-channel video installation