New Memorize the Sky LP – “CREEKS”

“Creeks” (Broken Research) is Memorize the Sky’s third full-length record and first studio effort since 2006’s “Memorize the Sky” on 482 Music which was hailed as “an allusive, relentlessly surprising disc” (WIRE). “In Former Times” (Clean Feed, 2008) documents the band’s performance at the Ulrichsberg Kaleidaphon in the summer of 2007 and was praised as “consistently rewarding, accumulating microscopic evolutions of sound” (signal to noise).

“Creeks” was recorded in Brooklyn, NY during the winter of 2008, and documents the trio continuing to explore their unique blend of textural improvisation and drone-based song forms. This time, the ensemble extends their instrumentation to include electronic manipulation of sounds as well as a farther range of the woodwind and percussion families. These experimentations led to a recording colored by dense percussion textures and ghostly flute ruminations; splintering bells and melodic echo chambers.

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